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“Do you want to get to know me better?” 

I saw a consultant post this on a newsletter and thought to myself, “Is LinkedIn and other social media platforms enough real estate for someone to really get to know me?” and “How do I inspire someone to go to my website to find out more about me?”

LinkedIn has been an excellent platform for me to share ideas and information as well as collaborate with like-minded professionals.

But how do I drill down and find out more about the individual who is posting information?

What Works Well  

Traditionally, websites and video content have been a great way to share your story and purpose. Posting blogs and using tools such as LinkedIn Articles and Newsletters can be great sources of getting your thoughts and ideas publicized.  Sharing on interactive platforms, such as LinkedInInstagramFacebook that allow others to react or comment have become great leverage points, especially since we have reduced face-to-face networking over the past few years and increased our ability to connect globally.  

I do make a general habit of going beyond one’s posts to find out more about them.  Connections are very important to me since they give me an organic presence and can develop into authentic relationships.  

“If you are not selling yourself, then who will?”

 Pro Tips to Learn More About Yourself and Others 

Next Steps to Reach Your Goal

No one is comfortable writing about themselves or telling their stories but that should not stop you.  I had a great mentor that told me once, “If you are not selling yourself, then who will?”

Work on your story.  Build your personal brand.  Connect more authentically.

 I think you will find this rewarding and useful towards your professional growth. 

 Find Out More About Me

I hope you take time to look at my profile on LinkedIn, visit my website at or message me and get to know me better.  I think you will find it mutually beneficial and we both can THRIVE