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Who Help Others

Everyone Thrives Consultant Services, based in Central Texas, fosters community engagement and delivers top-tier organizational consulting services. We cater to a diverse clientele, including professionals in business, nonprofits, healthcare, and the social sector.

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About Us

Learn more about Everyone Thrives and why we pride ourselfs in helping others.

Our Services

Our consulting services are guaranteed to empower your business to amplify their impact.
How We Can Help

Mission & Focus

  • Developing a clear and defined mission.
  • Understanding of the problem to address
  • Focusing efforts on the specific cause or issue

Leadership Development

  • Setting a clear direction
  • Establishing a positive organizational culture
  • Fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation

Strategic Planning

  • Setting clear goals
  • Developing actionable plans
  • Monitoring progress and adjusting¬†

collaborative partnership

  • Seeking opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, agencies, and community stakeholders
  • Building strong partnerships to build support, expand reach, and create synergy

Are we a good fit?

Finding the right professional collaboration is key to achieving successful outcomes. It’s important to acknowledge that not every partnership is a perfect match. Therefore, not every situation will present the ideal choice for every individual or organization seeking our consulting services.

We are a good fit if:

  • You’re a nonprofit or small business sector, ready to grow your impact.
  • You are willing to develop your vision and strategic objectives and create a solid plan to achieve them.
  • You’re open to investing financially and with your time to foster growth and success in your endeavors.
  • You’re eager to collaborate, seeking solutions together rather than simply receiving directives.
  • You’re deeply committed to instigating positive change in your organization.
  • You prioritize long-term growth over quick fixes, valuing sustainable progress and development.

Ray Langlois, Founder/CEO

Welcome to my business website!

I am Ray Langlois, a compassionate and trusted individual driven by a deep passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others. I have always found great fulfillment connecting with people and aligning myself with meaningful purposes.

Through my journey in consulting, I am constantly driven to assist those who dedicate themselves to helping others achieve the highest quality of life. This purpose is ingrained in everything I have learned and love to do.

Clients and colleagues often commend my personal approach combined with my professional expertise. I have a genuine enthusiasm for learning, effective communication, exploring new places, creating culinary delights, and immersing myself in the beauty of the outdoors. My spiritual fulfillment comes from my unwavering faith, loving family support, and cherished relationships with friends.

What brings me the greatest pride is when we can come together, share ideas, analyze challenges, and collaboratively find innovative solutions. It is through this collective effort that we can truly make a difference.

Thank you for visiting my website and exploring the world of Everyone Thrives Consulting Services.

Warm regards,

Ray Langlois Founder/CEO – Everyone Thrives Consulting Services