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The central purpose, mission, and focus of Everyone Thrives is "Helping those who help others to THRIVE". The target audiences for our consultant services are nonprofits, business, education, and community organizations.  Our emphasis is to build capacity, equity, and resilience in communities so that everyone has a "seat" at the table.  

Because of this, I think the Everyone Thrives website is the front door to a vision that reflects this message. I want it to be clean, simple and humble. It should be a tool to get to know me, the resources I can deliver, and to perhaps learn a few things about yourself.  

As a consultant, educator, and business development specialist, I also want to provide opportunities for those who want to learn valuable content through written, oral and visual insights. My hope is that this website gives you a deeper understanding of how we can make the vision of Everyone Thrives come to fruition.  

-Ray Langlois, Founder - Everyone Thrives

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help those who help others to . To thrive gives you a sense of development, improvement, and success. Sometimes it's in your perspective or mindset, but more often it's in needing others to assist, support and care for.

Meet Ray


Ray Langlois, Founder

My story starts with an idea and a desire to help others. It is that simple. There have been roots of this desire throughout my history as a teacher/coach, school/administrator, consultant and business development specialist. I have only had one thought in mind – how can I improve myself and others. That is how "a rising tide will float all boats" became my mantra.

My vision is to help others thrive at what they are doing, to reach their goals, and feel like they live a purposeful life. If accomplished, then I will thrive as well. 

Everyone Thrives!

I practice my mission through attempting to live a balanced life by taken care of my mind, body and soul. I do this through faith, family, friends and fun. I enjoy recreational and sports activities, the outdoors, coffee and food. Reading, writing and traveling fill in my blank spaces.

In trying to achieve balance, I find myself on both a journey of sustainability and continuous improvement at the same time. I would love to say this has been perfectly practiced but that would not be true. That is why we are in this for the long-game and not the short one. Being flexible and adapting to your circumstances play a key role for success.

I Thrive!

Currently, I have been assisting others through professional consulting, social sector networking services and business development in the healthcare industry. I enjoy collaborating with others as it inspires innovation and creativity and helping them develop a well-weaved social network adds so many things to fill their bucket. Our batteries are recharged often through teamwork and learning. Let us do this together.

You Thrive!

I hope this website allows you to know more about me through my thoughts and interest as well as it provides some resources and perspective on Living a Better Life. Check out my Insights page for blog content on Everyone Thrives.

We Thrive!

There are many other facets to knowing me so I suggest you explore my LinkedIn profile and my Consultant page: Langlois Consultant Services, LLC

All the best,


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"It's all in your perspective and mindset.
Develop a

- Ray Langlois

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