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Our Mission

To empower and support nonprofit organizations and small businesses in achieving their full potential and making a significant impact in their communities through strategic guidance, capacity building, and collaborative solutions.

New Clients & Projects

Complimentary consultations are offered to discuss new projects. Individual clients seeking guidance are encouraged to connect with us and explore the possibilities.


We offer discounts and in-kind services on a limited basis for nonprofits and community organizations.

Areas Of Focus

"Let us assist you in achieving sustainability and growth in width and breath as your organization moves towards its vision."

-Ray Langlois

We will strive to assist organizations in establishing values and beliefs that emphasize empathy, unity and inclusiveness throughout serving their mission and vision.

"Let us assist you in achieving sustainability and growth in width and breath as your organization moves towards its vision."

-Ray Langlois


Capacity building is an Investment in one’s effectiveness and future. This includes developing skills, strategies and products that will enhance your mission. Effected areas for capacity building are:
  • Networking
  • Communication
  • Human Capital
  • Branding/Social Media
  • Funding
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Feedback Loops

"Leadership...if it was easy anyone could do it. Find a Strength Coach to build your leadership muscles."

-Ray Langlois


Just as in the gym, a strength coach is there to improve your fitness and performance. They do this by recommending structured workouts and routines, educate you on your body’s needs and capacity, and provides feedback, motivation and accountability. Most people can work out by themselves but are they satisfied. As a leader, are you satisfied with your results? Are you willing to dedicate yourself to continuous improvement? How are you doing and who is giving you feedback? Working from a strengths-based mindset allows us to identify areas that you can improve on successfully without getting discouraged by things that you cannot change or have no control over.

"Plan the work and work the plan, if you want to be successful."

-Ray Langlois


Imagine taking a trip across the country by car from Texas to California. You have two weeks to before you have to arrive at your destination and want to take in as many states and sites long your journey. What would it take? Maps? Itinerary? Reservations? Probably these things and more! At the very least, you will need a plan. Strategic planning allows you to set a course from problem to solution outlining the steps along the way. Strategic plan creates purpose, mission and vision. You will have clear knowledge of what success will look like and how to handle failure. It will help you hold yourself and others accountable. It will make you more sustainable and fundable. We can assist you in the development and execution of your strategic plan including needs assessments and feedback loops.

"Helping communities thrive by connecting resources, ideas, and solutions with people is one of our primary missions."

-Ray Langlois


We work using the Collective Impact Model to engage communities either geographically or mission linked to connect with community members, leaders and supportive organizations. This is accomplished by creating collaboratives, alliances, or networks that develop an intentional structure, leadership, goals and strategies. These groups work toward shared decision-making that occurs through regularly scheduled meetings.

  • WilCo Wellness Alliance
  • East Williamson County Collaborative
  • Community Collaborative for Child Health
  • BridgePoint Connect

Collective Impact is working together with others to solve complex problems that could not be solved by any one individual. It’s about bringing people together, in a structured way, to share information, resources and strategies to create change. Elements of establishing a Collective Impact structure:

  • Common Agenda
  • Shared Measurements
  • Reinforcing Activities
  • Continuous Communication
  • Strong Backbone
How We Work

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