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“Helping communities thrive by connecting resources, ideas, and solutions with people is one of our primary missions.”

– Ray Langlois

How do we Structure Community Engagement?

We work using the Collective Impact Model to engage communities either geographically or mission linked to connect with community members, leaders and supportive organizations. This is accomplished by creating collaboratives, alliances, or networks that develop an intentional structure, leadership, goals and strategies. These groups work toward shared decision-making that occurs through regularly scheduled meetings.


  • WilCo Wellness Alliance
  • East Williamson County Collaborative
  • Community Collaborative for Child Health
  • BridgePoint Connect

What is collective impact

Collective Impact is working together with others to solve complex problems that could not be solved by any one individual. It’s about bringing people together, in a structured way, to share information, resources and strategies to create change. Elements of establishing a Collective Impact structure:
  • Common Agenda
  • Shared Measurements
  • Reinforcing Activities
  • Continuous Communication
  • Strong Backbone
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