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Helping those who help others

Helping those who help others has always been a mission of mine. Lending a helping hand by advising, guiding and mentoring has become a natural fit as I traipse into the consultant world.

But how does one know that they need help doing the good work? That depends if they are satisfied with their results, how they feel, and are perceived by others.

Are you satisfied with your results?

It is hard to know if your efforts are working without taking measurements of the system.  Oftentimes, we keep pushing forward without really using feedback or tracking data to measure success.  Finding a system that lets you measure your results can help you guide decision making in the future.  I always use the adage, “plan the work and work the plan” to get successful results.

Are you satisfied with how you feel?

I frequently talk to leaders of organizations that feel overwhelmed, scattered, out-of-balance, and just plain tired. Sometimes these feelings can have strong effects on both your personal and professional life. When finding yourself in this pattern, try to change your stress level by creating simple ways to calm yourself, promote clear thinking, increase work/life balance, and cultivate mindfulness.

Developing a relationship with someone who can be your coach, trainer, mentor, or advisor can help you process your reality and manage your future.

Are you satisfied in how you are perceived?

One of my favorite sayings is “perception is reality” and I have found it to be true too often.  How others perceive you and what you do is vital to successfully achieving your goals.  In this competitive world for funding, resources, and space, it is easy to be pushed aside. There are many ways to improve one’s perception, nonetheless through acting with high values and integrity, marketing your story, and networking with influencers and other connectors. Many of us do not like to “toot our own horn”, but as I was once told, “If you don’t, then who will.”

Helping those who help others is a necessary position for those of us in the social sector.  The work is too important to our communities and to valuable to those who are in need.

Reach out and let us improve your satisfaction.

Ray Langlois