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The week of Thanksgiving 2019, I published this post on all of my social media. Back then, I thought about how the world was spinning so fast that most folks may be having a hard time finding perspective.  Traditionally, the week of Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is a whirlwind of traditions, social gatherings, wrapping up work before a long break and quite frankly, sometimes a time that can be more stressful than delightful.  

I published these thoughts with that time of year in mind. Now in the midst of everything that has happened to our world during the first quarter of 2020, I still believe that THANKS and GRATITUDE hold a special place. It particularly provides fuel for the soul. Being thankful and grateful has one of those reciprocal qualities that the giver gets back more than they give. You can make others shine while you shine too!

“THANKS and GRATITUDE hold a special place. It particularly provides fuel for the soul.”   

 Thanksgiving week will roll back around in 2020 and hopefully we will be able to put the endless Spring Break and augmented Summer behind us and move forward.  Trust me, I think any holiday celebration with friends and family will have much more special meaning than ever before.  At least in our lifetime.  Here’s to us!  My hope is that we can move forward and give thanks and gratitude as a daily practice.  Especially, knowing that this world, Our World, can change at any minute.

 “Give thanks and gratitude as a daily practice.” 

Giving Thanks

Like many of us today, it is so hard to hit the pause button or pump the brakes enough to take stock of where we are and where we are going.  I appreciate a day of giving thanks to allow us to meditate on those who we had the pleasure of assisting this year and the impacts we have made together. It is with gratitude that I remember those who have supported our efforts, goals and accomplishments. I am thankful for the new and lasting relationships that have been made throughout  the year. I am blessed to have known those who have left us and moved on.  May all of us have the opportunity to give thanks, count our blessings, and share our joy this week. I know that I will.


Today, I’m blown away by something and thought I would share. When I retired from education and started a new life of doing public health, community work and consulting, I never thought it would open up a whole new world.  It has created for me so many new opportunities and certainly has given me clear eyes, an open mind and a full heart.  So what blew me away?  You all on LinkedIn.  When I left Leander ISD, I had approximately 500 contacts. Now have eclipsed 750! Wow!  I hope these new relationships and connections have served you as well as it has served me. And as always, let me know if I can be of service to you.