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There is a lot to say about how helping others THRIVE fills our own buckets. The idea of the more you give, the more you get in return. This mindset begs for you to have a "servant's heart". To be compassionate to others no matter what their circumstances are and have a willingness to help in any way possible is one way to describe it. So what is in your "servant's heart"? How are you helping others in their circumstances? I do this in several ways that I find works for me.

Developing relationships - key way to connect with others and find ways to serve

Engaging in the community - find ways to connect with those who are reaching to help others in the community

Focusing on filling the gaps - understanding needs and connecting resources to those needs

Keeping health, especially mental health, at the top of mind - one of the most pressing issues in society today

Being spiritual connected - building capacity in oneself and your related congregation to meet the needs of the community




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"It's all in your perspective and mindset.
Develop a

- Ray Langlois

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