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Are you using data to drive your business decisions?

Are you using data to drive your business decisions…I am (or at least…I should be)?  Something just dawned on me about my business management plan for Everyone Thrives Consultant Services (the business that I own and run), after doing an analytics deep dive today.  Listed on my About section on my LinkedIn profile page, I list Business Development last […]

Becoming a Highly Effective Leader

Are you a highly effective person?  That’s really where all leaders need to start. I challenge anyone who is a leader to tell me they don’t want to be a highly effective leader.   In fact, if I were to ask you today to give me six to ten characteristics of an ineffective leader, most people […]

Invest in What Counts – Yourself

When I was fresh out of college, I took up running to escape and commit. Physical exercise was a tremendous release for me from the stresses of beginning a new career and life as a young adult. I was also coaching high school athletes then as well. I was passionate about everything and had new, raw talents. […]

Conflict Resolution Solution

Can’t we all just get along? Have you ever wondered “How can our organization function as a team if they can’t even get along with each other?”  Let me assure you, this is very common in all relationships – friends, family, co-workers, and teammates.  In our world today, there are plenty of ways to find […]

We Help People. Do You?

There is a lot to say about how helping others THRIVE fills our own buckets. The idea of the more you give, the more you get in return. This mindset begs for you to have a “servant’s heart”. To be compassionate to others no matter what their circumstances are and have a willingness to help […]

All About Me and Why It’s Important to Know

Ever had the question “Tell us about yourself?” asked in an interview and you cringe with nervousness. Perhaps it’s because you have not created or practiced your “All About Me” story in your adult life. “Tell us about yourself?” Are you comfortable with your answer? Create an “All About Me” story. Every good teacher worth […]

The Soul of a Company

If the brain of your company is focus, discipline, and accountability, then what constitutes its soul?  Is it the feeling that stays with a customer or client after they interact with you?  Is it your company’s personality?  Your uniqueness? Or an intangible thing that is hard to define but can only be felt?   We all […]

Living the Best Life

You never know how you come across to others. It’s something I always wonder about, do you? Last week, I was asked to speak to a group, mostly community organizations and nonprofits, with the purpose of giving them a positive and up lifting message. This gift was given back to me as a summary of […]

Is Living for the Weekend…a Red Flag?

Work on your goals so you can build a lifestyle you do not need a vacation from.  It’s OK to live for the weekend occasionally, but it can be a RED FLAG when it is constantly. As we start the New Year, many of us have made resolutions to make changes in our lives. Work-Life balance is […]

Don’t Hate the Team

When a coach loses, they don’t hate the team. Or at least the successful ones don’t. Why not? Through the love of their job, the successful coach finds ways to love, inspire and motivate the team they have in front of them. Accountability, discipline, and focus play a HUGE roll in being successful along with execution of the plan. That’s […]